Teaching Emotional Skills to Kids

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Parents, teachers, and counselors of school-age children and teens will welcome this free set of emotional skill-building activities available from MHS. Five different workbooks provide age-appropriate games and exercises based on the Youth Version of the world’s most popular EI measure, the EQ-i.

Here you’ll find activities that can help build awareness of emotions and character-building concepts such as Self-Regard and Assertiveness. These activities have been used with young people ages 2–18 since 2002, and offer an excellent resource for anyone interested in building emotional awareness.

Download your free Emotional Intelligence Activities here:

  • Children ages 2–4 [PDF]
  • Children ages 5–7 [PDF]
  • Children ages 8–10 [PDF]
  • Children ages 11–12 [PDF]
  • Teens ages 13–18 [PDF]

For more information on the EQ-i:YV assessment, please visit our website.

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